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We reject the status quo of maternity clothes.

You won’t find girly prints, synthetic fabrics or gimmicky styles that you’ll never wear again here.

Instead, we offer an alternative. A choice that’s as sustainable and responsible as it is chic and timeless.

These are clothes that are born in Germany and ethically produced in Europe. Consciously crafted to help you stretch, crawl, lift, bend or fall down from exhaustion… throughout your pregnancy, as long as you’re breastfeeding and throughout motherhood. (Yes, really).

These are clothes that help you look like you’ve got it together, even on those days when you feel like you’re falling apart.

Because the messy, beautiful, life-changing journey of motherhood is the most mind-blowing journey of all.

We believe that those who create life deserve better. Not just better clothes, but better choices. We dream of a future where all women will have the freedom and support to make their own choices, no matter how big or small.

That’s why with every Creätr purchase you make, we give back to charities that support women. You could say it’s our mission. And we hope that you’ll join us.

In strength and motherhood

Unterschrift von Verena und Viktoria


When I became pregnant, my life stopped being all about me and started to revolve around this little human being growing inside me. I started to rethink everything. What should I eat, what cosmetics should I use, what clothes should I wear? Oddly enough, the last point was the most difficult.

I have always loved fabrics. The feel of cozy clothes, the creativity of fashion and the way the right outfit can make you feel however you want to feel that day. But I didn’t buy any maternity clothes until I was almost 6 months pregnant because I couldn’t find anything that felt right. The clothes that I finally ended up buying were expensive and poor quality. The leggings ripped open, the bra straps came off and the materials looked worn after wearing them just a couple of times. A pair of maternity jeans I ordered from a popular online shop gave me a rash just for being exposed to the sunlight. It was all so frustrating.

Nothing I found spoke to me as an adult woman with a timeless sense of fashion. Nothing spoke to me as a conscious consumer, since a lifespan of 9 months is simply too short to make an article of clothing sustainable. Nothing supported this crazy, surreal transition of growing a human being inside me and becoming a mom, and the new priorities I might have. And certainly, nothing I found could do all of  these things at once.

Why did I have to lower my standards, just because I was pregnant? Why was I expected to give up my sense of self-expression and my responsible consumerism, just because I was pregnant? The rest of the fashion world has so many options… why was maternity the exception?

That’s when I decided to create a better option, from one mother to another. That’s why I founded creätr, an alternative approach to maternity clothes with timeless and sustainable apparel that adapts with you through all aspects of maternity: from pregnancy to motherhood. Because those who create and sustain life deserve better options.



Being sustainable is not a choice but a must.
Sustainability” is not just a trendy term at creätr. We work with the globally recognized Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) label. Our collections are developed in Frankfurt and Hamburg. We manufacture them in Italy, Portugal and Germany. Our fabrics are free of harmful toxins, so that you can feel carefree and comfortable in any situation. See the individual product descriptions in our shop for more details.



At creätr, we believe that those who create life deserve better. They deserve the freedom and support to make their own choices, for themselves and their families. We are committed to doing our part to make this happen. Every year, we choose one charity that we donate some of our profit to. Our current partnership is with: FeM Mädchen*haus Frankfurt

The FeM Mädchen*haus Frankfurt is a social organization of the independent youth aid and a member of the Deutsche Paritätischen Wohlfahrtsverband (German Parity Welfare Association). Since 1986, we have been offering differentiated, girls-specific support in the areas of counselling, refuge, shelter and girls’ meetings.

All areas of FeM are united under one institutional umbrella. To protect the girls, the refuge and our emergency shelter are at anonymous locations. The flexible support structure empowers educators and psychologists to listen and react to the various needs of girls and young women.

We are always open to learning about organizations that we can support next. Drop us a line.



Our clothing is carefully designed specifically for mothers. You can wear our clothing during and after your pregnancy. You can breastfeed in our clothes, or choose not to. You decide. Your body, your rules.

We want to move away from the throwaway mentality of fast fashion. That’s why we produce high-quality clothes that are made to last. Our designs are timeless, chic and edgy. That way, our clothes can remain your favorite pieces for a long time.


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